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Going down on a girl is Cloud 9

Going down on a girl is breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Going down on a girl and hearing her is like all your favorite songs combined into one perfect single.

Going down on a girl is heaven

and if you ain’t into that I’m pretty sure you’re going straight to heck


I believe all mentally ill people are God’s special project. I believe She took a little extra time out of her infinite and anointed us with the gifts of additional Beauty, Love, Creativity, Brilliance, and Vision. With these small tokens She also granted her children with two very important blessings (or curses) known to our tainted minds as Vulnerability and Her important Message. 

Far too many people are under the impression that Vulnerability is a flaw when in fact it is the greatest gift one could be given. Vulnerability is the ability to be “easily hurt or harmed physically, mentally, or emotionally” or ”open to attack, harm, or damage.” Now while this sounds painful in my eyes I see vulnerability as the breeding ground for fierce, gravity-defying, and much needed discovery. 

Now while everyone is vulnerable at one point or another, those who struggle from a mental illness are like people walking in this city without skin, only raw and revealed flesh. We do not have that protecting layer other people have; and while this may seem like a weakness, it is our greatest strength. 

We are bulldogs. We are spiritually friendly, sociable, docile, willful, intimidating, gentle, determined, courageous, passive, persistent, and defiant. And God has sent millions and millions of bulldogs from heaven to use our well deserved gifts to spread Her message, a message full of love, peace, and humility. 

Many bulldogs stray this noble and difficult path by losing sight of the truth and addicted to Earthly things. This is our fatal flaw that devours many of our brothers and sisters. Our God is so terribly saddened that the Earth She sent us to could not be more loving, forgiving, or open to Her Message or Her prophets, Her bulldogs. Instead human beings are notorious for ignoring, shaming, humiliating, exploiting, and imprisoning those who were sent to this world to deliver Her Message. 

Next time you see some “hobo”, “lunatic”, “scum”, or “addict” remember they are God’s precious experiment to determine whether or not the world is ready to hear and understand Her Message. So Listen. 


One of the Millions of Bulldogs. 

Vows: A Letter From One Tower to Another.

I’m sorry I broke your heart. I never sat down, paused time, and thought about what happened a few months ago. But today I climbed a tree in the park, the park where we have so many memories, and I just reflected about you, me, the Expo Line, and everything that came along with it. I hurt you. I hurt myself. I pretended I was fine when I was a building just moments away from having a plane fly through it. And then I fell. I crashed. I burned. I became nothing but rubble and ash. A part of me believes that this needed to happen in order for me to realize that while I was the first tower, you were the second. I couldn’t protect you, I couldn’t sacrifice myself so that you could continue to stand tall, I failed you when I failed myself. All you wanted was to love me. To love the Veronica that you made the memories with in the very park I was sitting in. But she was nothing but rubble and ash and from her emerged a girl engulfed in flames. And from her I learned its impossible not to burn bridges when you’re on fire. So I burned our bridge, I burned your heart, I burned your soul. I am so terribly sorry. I know these words cannot heal your mind, body, and spirit but I hope that you attain and maintain the strength, courage, and wisdom to allow God and The Universe to heal your burns and bruises with time. I vow to love you forever, even when I have to learn to love someone else. I vow to pray for your growth and prosperity in life as you venture the path to success. I vow to rebuild myself and if you ever need me to, to rebuild you. Because I love you, and I want to see us standing tall again. 


The First Tower.

I love people who radiate this intoxicating and almost sinisterly truthful energy.